Bonjour icetropez lovers,

We’re on a mission to educate why sometimes less is MORE with icetropez zero  this #Ocsober.

We also wanted to highlight some of the benefits of choosing a zero alcohol beverage that can be beneficial to your health.

So if you are curious, planning on a healthier lifestyle, or just want to take a break from alcohol for a while, there are 4 very solid reasons why icetropez zero could change your life. 

Did you know that icetropez zero…

  1. Has less sugar 

There is a ton of sugar in alcoholic beverages. Did you know non-alcoholic cocktails served at restaurants are flavoured with syrups filled with sugar? icetropez zero is made using the same grapes as the alcoholic alternative with NO ADDED SUGAR. This means that the product only contains natural sugar from the grapes used. 


  1. Is non-intoxicating

Unlike dealcoholized wine-based products, icetropez zero contains 0.0% alcohol.

You cannot get drunk or intoxicated when drinking icetropez zero. The reality is that more and more people are making the healthy lifestyle to moderate or even eliminate alcohol. Deciding that the disadvantages outweigh any possible benefits. And while “having a drink” is generally associated with sociability and having a good time, overindulging can result in a number of less than desirable outcomes. 

icetropez zero offers a sophisticated non-alcoholic alternative for those who wish to sip on an adult beverage and enjoy the aspect of having a drink – without having a drink!


  1. Is safe to drink when you have to drive…

Needless to say icetropez zero also makes perfect sense when you head for an evening out, and need to get back home safely. Drinking alcohol can affect your ability to drive by slowing down your reaction time, making it difficult to multi-task and reducing your attention span.


  1. Makes you feel great the next day

Last, but not least – drink our wines and you can’t overindulge, so you get to feel great the next day. With an alcohol removed wine there is no morning after regret, self-loathing and most importantly, no chance of waking up with a hangover. So say goodbye to everything you dread about the morning after the night before, which for most of us is a dry mouth, pounding headache and/or all-consuming nausea. You may be surprised to know that science has still not fully explained what is behind the symptoms of a hangover – but suffice to say your body is not happy and you can lose a whole day or more if you overindulge. We have a simple cure for hangovers: switch to icetropez zero!


Give it a go – you’ll soon be enjoying all the health benefits like improved energy levels, deeper sleep, and you may even lose some weight this #Ocsober. 

icetropez zero is available at Woolworths, Makro, Norman Goodfellows, Tops @ Spar, Liquor City, Ultra Liquors. Or check availability using our store locator to find your nearest stockist:




  1. Roselin Pillay says:

    Wow, this is exactly what I need. Sounds amazing.

    • admin says:

      We’re so happy to hear Roselin 🙂

      • Melissa Zwai says:

        OMG!…I have always wanted to try Icetropez zero😢…now reading all these benefits is so educational and awakening. I wish that all Liquor companies would educate us this way. Thank you guys. Very productive article!

      • Keneilwe Thathane says:

        Wow this is the best drink, At last something to substitute alcoholic drinks. Thank you Ice Tropizy

    • Zama says:

      Impressive I can’t wait to try it

    • Meagan says:

      fabulous I love it

    • Pontsho says:

      Great taste.

    • Nyami says:

      I love it, tastes great. Also what’s exciting is that it has less sugar, which is a good thing since im off sugar. Im trying to lose weight and be healthier..

    • Siphosethu says:

      I am loving the “makes you feel great the next day!” now I’ll have no worries for my Monday on WEEKENDS!

    • Maude Kunene says:

      Love the packaging, the taste and the 0.0% alcohol, non – intoxicating ans ZERO sugar is a bonus!
      With the festive season fast approaching, I am sorted with my Ice topez

    • Queen says:

      Bought myself a dozen yesterday can’t wait to try them while watching my favorite team Mamelodi Sundowns on Sundowns 👌👌😍🥂

    • Terresa says:

      I’ll love to try it. But can’t it anywere near me

    • Neo says:

      Wow great stuff i might as well go zero👌❤

  2. Natasha Prince says:

    This is my kinda drink. Sophicated and less on sugar, safe to drive and it’s no intoxicating.

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    I always drink zero alcohol ice Tropez and it’s very good😌😌

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    This is what I need and it looks Yummy and extremely refreshing

  9. Sibulele says:

    Cannot wait to try it out and share it with my audience. Summer will be on another level #Ocsober

    • Sibulele says:

      Cannot wait to try it out and share it with my audience. Summer will be on another level #Ocsober

  10. Lisa Roberts says:

    Love love love

  11. Nomonde says:

    I have tried the icetropez zero, I enjoyed the taste very much especially when served chilled. Didn’t know about the less sugar, I am so happy about that…
    Less sugar, same incredible taste.

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    Sounds like exactly what I was looking for. It’s definitely on my next shopping list. No guilty feelings at all.

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    No sugar no alcohol perfect drink

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    Yip! i like the idea of this. I go out fairly often with buddies. i have had my time of drinking and jolling! This is the safe alternative, especially over the approaching festive season.

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  26. Ronelle says:

    I have always enjoyed ice tropez! Great taste.

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    Never feel left out again, adult beverages for everyone 🙂

  28. Thulile Kunene says:

    Challenge accepted

  29. Marlese Janse van Rensburg says:

    Absolutely fantastic. Both health and taste wise

  30. Masego says:

    I prefer to have ice tropez zero on days that I don’t feel like having alcohol and I must say, it’s a healthier alternative and has somehow made me contemplate quitting alcohol completely. It’s one of the best tasting non-alcoholic beverages ever made.

  31. Lerato MAthebula says:

    Wow!! I cant wait to try the Icetropez Zero

  32. Lerato Mathebula says:

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    Mind blown by all the sugar I stay sipping on when it comes to alcoholic beverages. #Ocsober will definitely help with my weight loss challenge 😊

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    Point number 3 and 4 are my favourite. We all know how a hangover can be annoying the next day, resulting to very little to no productivity the next. which we don’t want as exam season is ahead and we trying to Finish the year strong 🙂

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  61. Asanda Nthite says:

    Wow! Very informative because I didn’t most of this about Ice Tropez, thank you!

    • Phindy says:

      Looking forward to go on the zero alcohol for a month #Ocsober. The fact that its 0 added sugar so great since I am cutting down sugar.

  62. Modimonalenna Mahlangu says:

    Can kids drink this since it contains 0.0% alcohol?

  63. Luyanda says:

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    Wow thanks for information, im am definitely going to buy it since im hypertension chronic. I am so excited. Thank you

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    I have been sober for 1 year and 8 months now, and IceTropez have since been my best friend. I’m safe on the road, I’m not a party pooper, it’s refreshing and aesthetically appealing 😊. Thank you for making it available at our nearest Woolworths & Spar @ Tops to name a few, it’s my go to non-alcoholic drink. Without it, I do not compromise- I’d rather drink water 😅

  85. Sivuyile Mthembu says:

    Absolutely love it! I am a living testimony of this! All these benefits are truer than true💁🏽‍♀️

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    Decided a few months ago to take a break from alcohol and now thanks to Ice Tropez I won’t have to answer questions of why am I not drinking? My friends will think I’m drinking kanti it’s alcohol free LOL!!

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  138. Elizabeth Le Roux says:

    Wow, this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for! Will he and buy some this afternoon to try out and give feedback.

  139. Keamogetswe says:

    I’ve always wanted to taste ice tropez 0. What I like about it is that the packaging still looks the same, one won’t feel left out at an event because she’s drinking 0 alcohol and I also like the fact that it’s safe to drink every where you go

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    Love the fact that it has less sugar. Yaaaay Ice Tropez Zero!!!!!

    • Tumi says:


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    SUMMER IS ON ANOTHER LEVEL…Ice Tropez O is soo refreshing with a peachy flavour, it has always been my preference for a non alcoholic beverage, i also recommanded it to my friends and they absolutely LOVE has less sugar and good for a healthy lifestyle for us gym bunnies, you feel great the next day and its safe to drive

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  164. Angeline Sekobela says:

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  165. Tsholofelo Mashaba says:

    Been sober now for a good 2 months and going into the festive season was going to be challenging but with the ice tropez zero I can still have and continue living my sober I literally love love this

  166. Lucia Poo says:

    I’d really love to try ice tropez 0% since I’m not a big fan of alcohol. Plus my birthday is coming up on the 27th of October! 💃🏿💃🏿

  167. Dimakatso says:

    After taking the decision to take a break from alcohol I am so glad that Ice Tropez Zero comes with such great benefits and one can indulge on a cute looking drink at the same time.

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  173. Atandwa says:

    This changed my perspective a lot about the zero alcohol ice tropez. I never really believed you can have a great time and not necessarily getting intoxicated. I definitely going #ocsober with ice tropez! ❤️

  174. Linda Laing says:

    Sounds awesome!!

  175. Maude Kunene says:

    Love the packaging, the taste and the 0.0% alcohol, non – intoxicating ans ZERO sugar is a bonus!
    With the festive season fast approaching, I am sorted with my sophisticated Icetopez

  176. Nate says:

    I have a friendly that is insanely obsessed with icetropez Zero
    I really didn’t get the obsession behind but with this Information it will turn to be my go to too

  177. Shani Van Niekerk says:

    No sugar no alcohol That’s wat I prefer ✅

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    Tried it before, great taste n less sugar. Love it 😍

  185. Kelebogile Bircumshaw says:

    The fact that I get to enjoy a chilled drink without having to worry about excess calories or getting intoxicated sounds like a dream for any fellow mom & fitness bunny. Also can we talk about the taste!! I mean… how yums!

  186. Monica says:

    Sounds amazing 👌

  187. Katlego says:

    Worth reading let’s do this🥰

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    This is gonna be my all time drink. Thank you Icetropez. #ocsober

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    The taste of luxury 😍😍


    2 more days to go til I finish my Ocsober Challenge yea

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